December 2019 Happenings

We wish to thank you so much for your past financial support for our work here in Council Bluffs. Your partnership is essential in our efforts to bring hope to women returning from incarceration and helping those less fortunate in our community.

We get to interact with nearly 300 women a year; helping them make the transition back into society.

Also through our downtown Sequels store, we have the opportunity to help meet some of the needs of the homeless in the area and also provide a monthly dinner for local families who may be struggling with poverty.

This year God helped us launched four new initiatives here in the city:

  1. Give Back Saturdays is a neighborhood outreach held at Sequels on Broadway. Every other month we serve food, hand out care bags and free clothing, and spend time with our new friends. We have also a nurse provide health screenings, Legal Aid provided a lawyer to assist, and a number of local agencies have also joined us.
  2. Worship CB is a worship and prayer event that is hosted by different churches throughout the year. It brings three church worship teams together; centered around a specific prayer focus. This year we prayed about human trafficking, at-risk youth, public schools and teachers, and the homeless population.
  3. Healing Hearts is a grief and trauma class that we teach at the Pott County jail each week. It helps the participants process and get relief from past hurts and pains; many of which lead to addictions.
  4. Broken to Beautiful Women’s Conference – Our first conference was conducted in October with 110 women registered. Paula Abbott, from Dallas, TX, was our keynote speaker. We also had three breakout sessions with local instructors who shared their stories and tools to help women recover from issues keeping them down.

We would like to say a special thank you to the Yope-Net staff and volunteers who have stepped up to help make these new projects a success. These projects were in addition to the numerous programs we conduct along with our Sequels stores. God has enabled us to do so much because of the financial support from friends like you and from the many volunteers that give their time.

There was one area that did suffer and that was our fundraising efforts. We cancelled our banquet and auction in lieu of the women’s conference and our fundraising concert so we could focus on the Worship CB nights. Would you please consider an extra tax-deductible gift here at year’s end to help us close the financial gap we currently have?

On behalf of the staff and volunteers of Yope-Net Ministries and the thousands of people each year touched by our efforts, thank you for your support and prayers.

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