Imagine this was you…

Having lived for months or years on the street in the cold of winter and heat of summer — and you finally get a housing voucher and walk into an empty apartment with only the clothes on your back — where do you sleep? How do you fix food (if you had any), or even take a shower?



Hope Net’s Housing Helps CB program works to equip and prepare people for housing. One way we do this is to join in various social services agencies’ efforts such as the Iowa State University Extension’s ‘Rent Wise’—a tenant education program that helps potential renters by providing information about how to find and keep rental housing. Earning this certification can help to remove barriers they often face with landlords.



We also provide Apartment Starter Kits. After we learn of their need through a request on their behalf by a social service agency or church, we pull from the supplies and donations of our supporters to put this kit to-gether. It might include an air mattress if no beds are available to them, bedding, bathroom essentials, pots/pans, a few dishes, soap, cleaning supplies, laundry hamper — even small décor items from our thrift store or small appliances like coffee makers, microwaves, or toasters.



We deliver these items along with some food and visit with them to ensure they have what they need to get a fresh start. We give follow-up support in the weeks and months after move-in to help them stay securely in housing and not fall back onto the street.


The Resource Center offers a warm place, a friendly face, food/supplies, and a sack lunch to those on the streets looking for help.

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We collaborate with Takin’ It To The Streets, a ministry feeding the needy, in nearby parking lots/or low-income housing.

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Delivering an apartment starter kit to someone getting housing can begin to transform those cold unfurnished rooms into a home.

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