Hope Net Ministries, Inc.     
We want to create a community where residents will have the support and encouragement to live safe, healthy and productive lives with enough resources, friends, and meaning to fulfill their dreams and potential in life.  We have room for you.

We need monthly sponsors who could help cover the $75 cost of a meeting.       Can we count on you?  

4th Monday - First Baptist Church -   (across from Bayliss Park)  6:00—8:00 PM  

Last Tuesday - Salem U.M. Outreach Center - 10 Huron Rd 
                                (Lake Manawa)    6:00 to 7:30 PM  
Circles of Support                                                                     

We meet together for an informal meal, time to build friendships and to present a topic that is relevant to the group.  We share ideas, encourage one another, help meet needs and develop a stronger relationship within the community.

  Who can Be  Involved

  • Anyone who values relationships is invited.
  • Anyone who is willing to invest their time in developing & empowering friendships with others in the  community.
  • Anyone seeking ideas & support in life’s struggles.
  • Anyone with goals & hopes for the future.
  • Anyone who has something to give.
  • Anyone who is willing to invest their time in developing &
     empowering friendships with others in the  community.

There are times in our lives when we face situations that are overwhelming.  Whether it be everyday difficulties or other challenges that are financial, emotional, or physical.  These challenges can isolate us & keep us from realizing our potential or reaching our goals.  

 A circle of support can help us to realize our potential & achieve our goals.

                           Stop trying to do it alone!

Circles of Support has accomplished these goals over the last two years:

o Has created an environment where supportive friendships are made naturally

o Our group participation continues to grow, come be part of that growth in 2015!

 Though our Helps, Wants & offers exercise, we encourage mutual reciprocity;
where everyone has the opportunity to share their time, talents, gifts, experiences,
strengths & hopes with someone else.

 Why don't you plan to join us for our next meeting?

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